Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tomodachi no Papa: Chapter 2

Sorry we're a day behind for this week release! But, we've got the final chapter of Tomodachi no Papa for you guys to read! All there is after this is an unrelated side-story.

This is a joint with Icarus Bride Scanlations so be sure to go tell her thanks too!

And we're still recruiting of course! Our wonderful proofreader, x_nielleified has now gone on break. So we could use one or two proofreaders. We could REALLY use some quality checkers and we ALWAYS need cleaners and typesetters. Currently I'm doing all the editing work and I wouldn't mind sharing it! Translators are always welcomed! Please apply! We offer training!

And now for the release!

Tomodachi no Papa Chapter 2: Download || Read Online  

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