Monday, August 18, 2014

Shoujo no Jikan 3 - Merge Annoucment

Hello everyone! This week we bring you SNJ 3. This is the last chapter for SNJ but there's 2 unrelated extras! We also have some exciting news! Decadence is merging with Transcendence! We are going to become a sub-section of Transcedence. I was offered an admin position over at Trans and so the only way I could take it was by merging them together because I could definitely couldn't leave Decadence. So we will be moving all our stuff over to the Transcendence website in the next week to week and half.

Our email will stay active and we will have our own section on the Transcendence forum and we're working something out to have our own section on the Trans website as well but that might take a little bit longer because we need someone experienced with php to work it out. So just bare with us while we get settled over there.

We are still recruiting of course! Apply over at the Transcendence forum or you can send an email to the decadence account! It doesn't matter. :)


Shoujo  no Jikan Chapter 3: Download || Read Online

Monday, August 11, 2014

Biyaku Cafe & Hetamen

Hey guys! This week we bring you two releases! Biyaku Cafe chapter 16 and Hetamen Extra! Biyaku Cafe is a joint with Mystic Iris so be sure to stop by and tell them thanks for all their hard work as well as check out their other projects!

We are still recruiting! We could really use some Japanese or Chinese translators! We're still accepting Quality Checkers, Typesetters, Cleaners, and proofreaders!

Biyaku Cafe Chapter 16: Download || Read Online
Hetamen Extra: Download || Read Online

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shoujo No Jikan Chapter 2

Hello all! This week we bring you Shoujo no Jikan chapter 2! Sorry we're a day late! I got side tracked with all the things happening in my life. x]

Please feel free to stop by the chatbox and chat with us! We love talking to fans and we appreciate any feedback!

We are still recruiting! We could really really use some Japanese and Chinese translators! We might even be interested in having a French translator join us. I'm getting a few books of series we're working on that are in French, while I can read French to an extent, having someone more fluent might be helpful! Please send in an email or PM on the forum! We are still accepting quality checker, typesetter, cleaner, and proofreader applicants!


Shoujo no Jikan Chapter 2: Download || Read Online

Monday, July 28, 2014

Arabian Pearl Chapter 1

Hello everyone! This week we are very excited to bring you chapter 1 of Arabian Pearl! Its about an Englishwoman that gets taken as a slave and an Englishman who is trying to rescue her from slavery. It has lots of smut in it!

We are still recruiting! We desperately need more Japanese and Chinese translators. We could really use typesetters and quality checkers! If you are a translator please join us so we can release more projects quicker!


Arabian Pearl Ch 1: Download || Read Online

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hetamen Chapter 4

This week we bring you another release of Hetamen!

 I'd like to thank all our staff who have been working really hard. Not just on Hetamen but all the projects these couple of weeks. Just to mention a few names, DuchessofFantasy has come back from her month-long unwanted hiatus, and is cleaning like a mad woman! Blue3wind and Shifuyu have been major players in getting everything typsetted for us. Nadisara, our newest member to the proofreading group, has been doing an awesome turning out proofread chapters and our translator checker/proofreader, Chiisai-hime has been doing fabulous work with Biyaku Cafe and does some translating in her spare time. And of course X_Nielleified! My wonderful co-admin! What I wouldn't do without her. <3

We are still recruiting! We could really use more Japanese and Chinese translators! We're still looking for someone to work on Love Devil. We are always accepting Quality Checker, Cleaner, and Typesetter applicants. No experience necessary for Cleaner and Typesetter applicants! We will train you!

Hetamen v01 Chapter 4: Download || Read Online

Monday, July 14, 2014

Shoujo no Jikan Chapter 1

Yay! Release today! We've got the first chapter of a new project Shoujo no Jikan for you to read today! I hope you like it! :)

This project was retranslated using Lovely Scans translations and Sweet Manga allowed us to use their cleaned files!

We are still recruiting! We really really need Japanese translators. We're always accepting Cleaner, Typesetter, and Quality Checker applications! We offer a free version of photoshop along with training how to use photoshop and how to clean/typeset. No experience necessary!

Shoujo no Jikan Chapter 1: Download || Read Online

Monday, July 7, 2014

Biyaku Cafe Chapter 14 & 15

Why do we have a treat for you this week! Two releases! Both of Biyaku Cafe! It's been over a year sadly since the last release of Biyaku Cafe, but we've been working really hard with Mystic Iris to get these two releases ready for you guys! Please go check out their other projects and tell them thank you for their hard work!

If you want us to continue releasing more then one chapter a week we need people to apply! We REALLY need Translators! Japanese or Chinese translators please apply! If you are a translator you should be fairly fluent in your language, and you don't have to take any test. Just send an email to and we'll get you set up as a translator! We're still looking for a Japanese translator interested in working on Love Devil. Also need Cleaners, typesetters, and Quality checkers! No experience necessary for Cleaners and Typesetters. We will train you!
Now for the release! Enjoy!

Biyaku Cafe Chapter 14: Download || Read Online
Biayku Cafe Chapter 15: Download || Read Online