1. Q: When can I host your scanlations on my website?
A: Two days after it's release, unless you've been given permission. :) Batoto is the only exception. They may upload our releases right away.

2. Q: When will the next chapter of _____ be out?
A: It'll be out when we get it done. We're limited on staff so if you'd like faster releases you should think about joining us!

3. Q: Can I re-translate ___?
A: Yes! But please check out this spreadsheet to make sure your lanuage isn't already being done by another group. Then please send an email to decadencescans@gmail.com letting us know you want to translate it because I'll then mark you down on the spreadsheet so that other groups aren't doing the same project. I will also give you the raws or cleaned pages providing that you give credit on YOUR CREDIT page for the raw provider and/or cleaner from our group. :)

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