Monday, August 18, 2014

Shoujo no Jikan 3 - Merge Annoucment

Hello everyone! This week we bring you SNJ 3. This is the last chapter for SNJ but there's 2 unrelated extras! We also have some exciting news! Decadence is merging with Transcendence! We are going to become a sub-section of Transcedence. I was offered an admin position over at Trans and so the only way I could take it was by merging them together because I could definitely couldn't leave Decadence. So we will be moving all our stuff over to the Transcendence website in the next week to week and half.

Our email will stay active and we will have our own section on the Transcendence forum and we're working something out to have our own section on the Trans website as well but that might take a little bit longer because we need someone experienced with php to work it out. So just bare with us while we get settled over there.

We are still recruiting of course! Apply over at the Transcendence forum or you can send an email to the decadence account! It doesn't matter. :)


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  1. Thank you so much for the new chapter :)

  2. Thanks for finishing the main story of Shoujo no Jikan - what a twisted end^^

  3. Hi! I saw on Bakaupdates that you all scanlated the first chapter of Smells Like Green Spirit by Nagai Saborou. could you kindly direct me to the download link please? Thank you very much and keep up the great work! <3