Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Cheap Chocolates Day!

Hello everyone! We originally planned to release this on Valentine's day (So we're like two hours late via my time xD) as  a  treat for all of you out there, but things got busy! So here's it is  for Cheap Chocolates Day! :D I hope everyone is out getting their fill! I know I plan too :P

Also we are still recruiting! We could still use more Japanese translators but we could really use more cleaners and typesetters! Currently I'm the only cleaner and typesetter not a trial staff, and we have one who is trial staff! We do offer training for cleaners and typesetters so please send an email if you wish to help out! If you have past experience working with a scan group you don't even have to take the test, just complete three trial chapters! :D

This project is a joint with Icarus Bride Scanlations so be sure to drop by and tell her thanks for
                                                         her awesome work!

                                             And now I present to you, Chapter 2 of Love Devil! Enjoy~

Love Devil Vol. 1 Chapter 2 - Download || Read Online