Monday, February 24, 2014

Tomodachi no Papa: Chapter 1

Hey guys! We have another release for you this week and it's not Love-Colored Devil, sorry! xD It a new series and it's only two chapters and an extra, but it's worth the read! I hope you'll check it out!

This is again a joint with the lovely Icarus Bride Scanlations so be sure to check out her stuff and tell her thanks for her hard work!

Also, we are still recruiting of course! We need Japanese translators who are interested in the following projects: Arabian Pearl & Hetamen. We could really use another proofreader or two! Currently we only have one and she's being worked to the bone! We have no quality checkers besides x_nielleified (the proofreader) and myself so we could really use one or two of those! Cleaners and typesetters are always welcomed too; we train! <3
And now for the release! Enjoy~

Tomodachi no Papa Chapter One: Download || Read Online

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