Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dare ni mo Lenai Nioi: Oneshot

Hello everyone! Sorry this is a bit late! Icarus as been super busy with her new job in Japan! This week we bring you a cute little oneshot called "Scent". There isn't any smut or sex scenes in this oneshot but it still has a cute story line and plot.

This one is another age-gap romance oneshot. It's about a college student who is tired of doing the dating game and wants to find someone to concentrate on. She then meets Kaga and is enchanted by his scent and develops a crush on him!

 Icarus Bride Scanlation teamed up with us on this oneshot again. So make sure to tell her thanks and check out her other stuff!

We are also still recruiting! We could really use Chinese and Japanese Translators! Love Devil is in need of a translator, Icarus is super busy with her new job over in Japan and just doesn't have the time to work on it anymore. So if you're interested in translating Love Devil please send me an email! We are also accepting Quality Checkers, Cleaners, Proofreader and Typesetter applications!

Enjoy the release!
Dare ni mo Lenai Nioi - Oneshot: Download || Read Online

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