Monday, July 7, 2014

Biyaku Cafe Chapter 14 & 15

Why do we have a treat for you this week! Two releases! Both of Biyaku Cafe! It's been over a year sadly since the last release of Biyaku Cafe, but we've been working really hard with Mystic Iris to get these two releases ready for you guys! Please go check out their other projects and tell them thank you for their hard work!

If you want us to continue releasing more then one chapter a week we need people to apply! We REALLY need Translators! Japanese or Chinese translators please apply! If you are a translator you should be fairly fluent in your language, and you don't have to take any test. Just send an email to and we'll get you set up as a translator! We're still looking for a Japanese translator interested in working on Love Devil. Also need Cleaners, typesetters, and Quality checkers! No experience necessary for Cleaners and Typesetters. We will train you!
Now for the release! Enjoy!

Biyaku Cafe Chapter 14: Download || Read Online
Biayku Cafe Chapter 15: Download || Read Online


  1. Yay!!! Thank you so much! I've been so patiently waiting for this. Your hard work and sharing are so greatly appreciated! Thank you! *hugs*

  2. Coming to my BIG-ol,
    John Belushi, party-hardy
    in Seventh-Heaven, dude?
    Make Your Choice -SAW