Monday, July 21, 2014

Hetamen Chapter 4

This week we bring you another release of Hetamen!

 I'd like to thank all our staff who have been working really hard. Not just on Hetamen but all the projects these couple of weeks. Just to mention a few names, DuchessofFantasy has come back from her month-long unwanted hiatus, and is cleaning like a mad woman! Blue3wind and Shifuyu have been major players in getting everything typsetted for us. Nadisara, our newest member to the proofreading group, has been doing an awesome turning out proofread chapters and our translator checker/proofreader, Chiisai-hime has been doing fabulous work with Biyaku Cafe and does some translating in her spare time. And of course X_Nielleified! My wonderful co-admin! What I wouldn't do without her. <3

We are still recruiting! We could really use more Japanese and Chinese translators! We're still looking for someone to work on Love Devil. We are always accepting Quality Checker, Cleaner, and Typesetter applicants. No experience necessary for Cleaner and Typesetter applicants! We will train you!

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