Monday, April 21, 2014

Himeyaka na Tousaku: Chapter 4

I've got some great news this week! x_nielleified has joined the admin team! She has been a great help as a proofreader and now she helps me with the adminly duties now that she's returned from her long break. Please welcome her!

Also, this chapter was typesetted by our new Typesetter Shifuyu! She has almost completed her training and will soon become a full member of Decadence. I'd also like to welcome our new proofreader, Chiisai-hime! She has a background in Japanese and has been working on Biyaku Cafe where their is quite a few missing translations. She has been a real life saver!

We are still recruiting! We REALLY need Quality Checkers and Translators but you're welcome to apply for another positions! We training Typesetters and Cleaners!

I hope everyone had a really good Easter as well! Mine was really fun and I'm pretty sad that it's over, but at least half price candy is today! Yippee!

Time for the release!

Himeyaka Chapter 4: Download || Read Online

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