Monday, April 28, 2014

Himeyaka na Tousaku: Chapter 5 [End]

This week we've got the last chapter of Himeyaka na Tousaku for you! This is our first time finishing a non-joint project! I hope you all enjoy this last chapter of Himeyaka even though I still think there's quite a few questions left unanswered.

We are still recruiting! We could really use some Translators! Now that we've finished Himeyaka we will probably look into maybe picking up another project. However if there's any smut projects out there that any translators are willing to translate and the raws are available either online or on EbookJapan we are more then willing to pick it up! Please just contact me via email or on the forum! We could really use some Quality checkers! Typesetters, Cleaners, and proofreaders are welcome to apply too! <3


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