Monday, April 7, 2014

Love Devil: Volume 1 Extra

Hello everyone! This week we have the last part of Volume 1 of Love Devil for you guys. This finishes up volume 1! I have to say I think it went be really quickly and there's only four more volumes to go!

This is a joint with Icarus Bride Scanlation so be sure to thank her for her hard work as well!

Also, we are still recruiting. We could really use some more proofreader applicants. It turns out our proofreader, Nielle, is going to be busy for another three to four weeks so in order to keep releasing every week we'll need some more proofreaders! We could also use Typesetters, Quality Checkers, Cleaners and Translators! Please apply if you are interested! We offer training for Typesetters and Cleaners!

Now for the release!

Love Devil Volume 1 Exta: Download || Read Online

*Please respect our two day wait period before hosting our releases on other websites. I've come across some sites uploading them before the two day wait period and if this keeps happening I'll have to take drastic measures to make sure only commited members are seeing the releases before the two day wait period. Thank you.

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